San Juan Jabloteh Football Club 2008

San Juan Jabloteh F.C. is a football club located in San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago that plays in the country's TT Pro League.

This was their official website around 2008.
Their new website is if you are interested in following them.
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Their phone numbers and location are the same.
San Juan Jabloteh Sports Limited
Cor. Akal Trace & Saddle Rd,
Santa Cruz,
Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
Tel:  (868) 676-3462
Fax: (868) 676-3463


A Bit of History

Founded in 1974, the San Juan Jabloteh Football Club’s stated objective was to help to improve the socio-economic and moral condition of the young people living in San Juan and its surrounding area defined as stretching from Morvant Junction and going east to Mt. Lambert and from the Croissee going north to Santa Cruz.

From the very beginning San Juan Jabloteh F.C. chose as the club’s colors,  black, red and green.  They represented the country’s spirit: Black, the color of strength, of unity, of purpose and of the wealth of the land represented the dedication of the team joined together by one strong bond. Red, the color of warmth and energy of the sun, the courage and friendliness of the team represented not only the vitality of the land, but also the courage and friendliness of the team.  The color Green represented the productivity of the team.

Within three years the Jabloteh Football Club’s won its first trophy: the 1977 National Soccer League – winner of 3rd division. In the same year they also won a second major trophy: the1977 – TTFA Champion of Champions.  The amateur football club won a third trophy in 1995 – Champion of the Eastern Football Association.

In 1994 the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation, now referred to as theTrinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), created a semi-professional football league. The San Juan Jabloteh Sports Club decided transform itself from an amateur organization into a professional football club. The backing of CL Financial Limited (CLF) in 1996, permitted the club to strengthen its operations as it sought to establish itself as a major force in football not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but also in the Region. For from 1997 to 1999 the team placed fourth in the Semi-Professional League.

1999 saw the San Juan Jabloteh Football Club made the leap to become a member of a newly created  Professional Football League (PFL) managed by the TTFA. Later in 2002, the club became a founding member of the TT Pro League.  They saw extraordinary success at both the local and regional levels, winning a further 19 trophies within the next eight years.

  • League Championship: 2002, 2003, 2007 & 2008
  • League Cup: 1999
  • DIGICEL Pro Bowl: 2003, 2005, 2006 | Runner-up in 2001 & 2004
  • Big Six Cup: 2004
  • CFU Club Championship: 2003 | Runner-up in 2006
  • FA Trophy: 1998, 2005 & 2010
  • First Citizens Cup (formerly League Cup) 2000 & 2003 | Runner-up in 2005
  • TOYOTA Classic: 2008 and 2014 | Runner-up in 2007 & 2009
  • Lucozade Sports Shield (formerly Big Six Cup): 2006 & 2008

During most of this time the San Juan Jabloteh Football Club also had a Youth Program and a Women's Program which also saw many successes.

In 2008 alone, the Club participated in the TT Pro League competition with the following successes:

  • 2008 champion of the TT Pro League, the premier football league in Trinidad and Tobago, after a similar achievement in 2007. This was the fourth Pro League Championship and the club’s eighteenth major trophy;
  • 2008 champion of the Lucozade Sport Big Six tournament. This was the club’s second Lucozade Championship and the nineteenth major trophy;
  • 2008 champion of the Toyota Classic competition and their the twentieth major trophy;
  • 2008 champion of the under 16 competition in the TT Pro League;
  • 2008 champion of the under 18 competition in the TT Pro League;
  • 2008 Women’s Football Association FA champions in the East Zone;
  • t2008 champion in the under 18 Republic Bank Girls’ Cup;
  • 2008 champion in the Eddie Hart Women’s Football League;
  • 2008 knock-out winners in the Eddie Hart Women’s Football League; and the 2008 American-styled tournament champion in the Port of Spain Netball League.

2008 was a great year for the San Juan Jabloteh Football Club on all levels.

I admit I am a fan of the San Juan Jabloteh Football Club, so when I discovered that this domain was available I bought it with the intent of restoring its content from archived pages. Unfortunately many of the pages and all the images were not retrievable. That was very disappointing. Nevertheless, I have added all the content I was able to find. For those of you who are fans of the San Juan Jabloteh Football Club this might be a nostalgic look back upon 2008.

The only person I know who is more of a Jabloteh Club fan is Benjamin Pred, a well known NYC lawyer who encouraged me to recover this content. I think Ben may be a fan of every club, since he's always advocating for anything football, and probably watches every game at least twice. He's also super into Ultimate Frisbee and has played on teams since college. He recently told me about an extreme workout he did that got him hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis triggered by physical over-exertion. It's an amazing story and it's even posted online - read the Benjamin Pred interview. He's still at it in spite of this experience and intends to take a trip to San Juan to watch the First Citizens Cup tournament and play some Frisbee with his buddies who live nearby while there.

You can still follow the club in its new iteration at their website:


San Juan Jabloteh Football Club Circa 2008



  • Caledonia seeks to spoil Jabloteh’s Toyota chances
  • Defence Force downs Jabloteh to grab FA semis spot
  • Intriguing FA quarterfinal clashes
  • Caledonia meets Jabloteh in Toyota semis
  • Pro-League powerhouses mince FA opponents
  • Macoya stalemate, Jabloteh return to the top
  • Leaders Jabloteh, Connection register wins
  • Jabloteh, W Connection continue leading form
  • Jabloteh, Connection extend advantage
  • Jabloteh to try and snap Connection’s 16-match unbeaten run
  • W Connection chops Jabloteh’s lead


More News: San Juan Jabloteh Football Club

Army bumps Jabloteh out of Digicel Pro Bowl

Defence Force added to San Juan Jabloteh's miserable season when the soldiers registered a 2-1 hardfought victory in the quarterfinals of the 2009 Digicel Pro Bowl on Friday night.


The Project - Coming Soon!

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Caledonia seeks to spoil Jabloteh's Toyota chances

Neal and Massy Caledonia AIA captain Charles Pollard believes the Morvant based club has what it takes to get past cross-town rivals CLICO San Juan Jabloteh in the semifinals of the 2008 Toyota Classic.


Caledonia meets Jabloteh in Toyota Semis

Neal and Massy Caledonia AIA and CLICO San Juan Jabloteh will continue their cross-town rivalry when the two teams meet in the Toyota Classic semi-final round on Tuesday at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium.

San Juan Jabloteh Sports Limited Press Office is the department coordinating interviews with Jabloteh team staff members and players. Requests should be sent by e-mail or by fax exclusively from media (TV, radios, written press and web) or by freelance journalists owning an official Press Card.

Journalists must refer to Sport press officers for press activities concerning the following departments:
- Sports Direction
- Coach and team technical staff
- First team players
- Coaches and players from youth teams


Team Members

Cleon John

Robert Primus
Kevon Villaroel
Karlon Murray
Joel Russell
Noel Williams

Devon Jamerson
Elijah Manners
Julien Landeau
Kaashif Thomas
Anton Hutchinson
Marvin Oliver (c)
Elton John
Willis Plaza
Atilla Guerra

Lester Peltier
Jerol Forbes
Cyrano Glen
Jason Marcano